Fruit Salad Tonight


Get your heart pumping with Fruit Salad Tonight’s game of naughty challenges for couples. Face-off to see who can be more daring by collecting points and taking on challenges of increasing intensity. With over 195 challenges of burning questions, titillating tasks, provocative positions and racy roleplays to delve into, you’ll be screaming for Fruit Salad Tonight, every night. Sorry, neighbours.

Turn it Up! 3 Phases to Play

Fruit Salad Tonight has 3 phases of play. Turn up the heat and increase intensity any time you like.

Phase 1

Sweet and tender touching, naughty questions and rousing tasks designed for you to ease gently into it. Nothing too X-Rated, this is PG-friendly.

Phase 2

Where foreplay escalates to downright sinful/dirty/wicked. This is our most exciting and challenging phase. You’ll have to bare it all to win.

Phase 3
Home Run

Mindblowing positions and intriguing role plays for when you can’t take any more teasing and foreplay.


Tailor your Fruit Salad Tonight by choosing which collections to add to your game.

Basic I

Introduce yourselves to your neighbours, loud and proud. Our basic collection to explore a little bit of everything.

Basic II

Play longer, harder. The extension pack to our Basic I game. Bestseller for a reason.


Our curated collection of the most mind-blowing positions ever experimented. Headboard-tested.


Add a kick! More oral, more anal, and more competitive challenges to spice up your game.

Role Play

Role reversal, surprising twists, and fantasies you never realized you had.

Light BDSM

A gentle introduction to where the punishment is the prize. Enjoy the ride, you're in good hands.

Fruit Salad Tonight - Packages


In Fruit Salad Tonight, you’ll be exposed to a few challenges where there will be a dominant and a submissive role. You may also be exploring BDSM-type tasks, here are a few tips on safety.

Safe Words

Safe words are important to establish boundaries and for the dominant to be comfortable in their role. The safe word must be respected and can be a range of words, example: “Green, Yellow, Red” to indicate Go, Slow Down and Stop. Or simply one word, “Pineapple” for an unmistakable stop.

Be okay with saying no, and cultivate an environment where it’s okay to say no without creating disappointment or offense. Remember, an environment that doesn’t allow an honest and open “no”, will not create an experience of meaningful “yes”.


Protect your extremities when playing with bondage. Check the colour and the temperature of your partner’s extremities to ensure that restraints aren’t too tight and remove the restraints if there is any numbness or tingling. Keep scissors handy just in case and never leave your restrained partner alone in a room.

The submissive’s well-being is the dominant’s highest priority. The submissive may not be aware of their own safety to their extremities (or otherwise) so the dominant must be aware and end play when necessary.


When playing with spanking, avoid the throat (never choke the throat), eardrums, lower back (where the sensitive tailbone and kidneys are) and the spine. Always start gently and understand your partner’s limitations.


Clamps should not be left on for more than a few minutes at a time. Understand your and your partner’s limitations through open communication. If using clothespins, know that plastic pins clamp harder than wood, and one should always open and close the pin to remove it. Pulling them off can be dangerous and harmful.

Always check the temperature and colour of the area around the clamp and remove them if cold, discoloured or numb and tingly.


Where does the name, Fruit Salad Tonight come from?

Our naughty fruits came up with it.

What do the phases mean?

The phases are designed for you to increase the intensity anytime you like. Gentle is the sweet and tender phase to start the night off. Sex-Rated is clothes-off foreplay. And Home-Run is positions and roleplays for when you can’t take any more teasing. Our phases are described more here.

What are collections and how do they work?

Our different collections with different themes to customize your game!

What safety precautions should I undertake?

Open communication is most important. Discuss a safe word beforehand and take a look at our safety precautions.

Will you be adding more languages?

We’ll be exploring Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese. If there’s a language you’d like to see or if you’d like to help with translation, let us know. Email us

Will you make a version for LGBT couples?

It’s on our radar! We want to make sure that any game we develop for the LGBT community is tailor-made and not a repurposed version of our current game.

What are you policies on privacy.

We’re serious about your privacy. We don’t collect any private information, no personal information is saved